Kategori Pekerjaan: Penyedia Jasa
Komoditas/Barang Terkait: Information Technology
Tanggal Pendaftaran: 22-05-2015 s/d 26-05-2015

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Genting Oil Kasuri Pte. Ltd.
Re-Tender Announcement
Invitation to Register

Genting Oil Kasuri Pte. Ltd. (“Company”) as Production Sharing Contractor of Satuan Kerja Khusus Pelaksana Kegatan Usaha Hulu Minyak dan Gas Bumi (“SKKMIGAS”), invites potential service Contractors (?Bidder?) to participate in the Pre-qualification process in compliance to Pedoman Tata Kerja No. PTK-007/SKKO0000/2015/S0 (Revisi 3) – the work procedure guideline on Supply Chain Management for SKKMIGAS Contractors under Production Sharing Contractor (PSC).

Bid Number : 002/ERP/FIN/GOKPL/2015 (R)
Qualification : Large and Medium Business
Classification : Other Services
Sub classification : Electronic Data Management and Storage Services
Scope of Services : CONTRACTOR is required to provide qualified personnel, software, hardware, license, equipment and tools for the installation, implementation, support and maintenance of ERP system, in line with COMPANY’s specification to support COMPANY’s operation in Jakarta and Papua.
Minimum Local Content Requirement : 35%

A. General Requirements:
Interested Bidders with qualifications and classifications related to the scope of work being bid, must submit the following documents during the registration
1. Original letter, requesting to participate in the Bid on Bidder’s letterhead, with clear address and telephone, fax numbers & e-mail, and person in charge.
2. Commitment letter stating the minimum local content can be achieved as requested above, signed on duty stamp by the authorized person.
3. Copy of article of association and its amendments.
4. Structure and percentage of the share or ownership.
5. Copy of active business license in the form of SIUP, IUT or SIUAU.
6. Bidders shall collect Pre-qualification Requirement documents in softcopy during registration period. The Bidder must bring their own flash disk to transfer such softcopy.

B. Specific Requirements:
B.1. Bid No. 002/ERP/FIN/GOKPL/2015 (Re-Tender)
1. Bidder must be a certified active partner of SAP Indonesia. Bidder must submit copy of official partner certification or appointment from SAP Indonesia.
2. Bidder must have SAP project experiences more than six (6) years for any industry in Indonesia. Bidder must submit list of experiences for SAP project in Indonesia for the last seven (7) years.
3. Bidder must have at least three (3) consultant available for this project which has minimum ten (10) years experiences in the Indonesia’s upstream oil & gas SAP project. Bidder must submit list of consultants available for this project with details of their experiences.

Registration :
The soft copy of Pre-qualification Requirement document as stated in Section A.6 above can be collected from Company reception office in Jakarta during registration period 22, 25, & 26 May 2015, after submitting required document in A.1 to A.5 and B. .
The complete Pre-qualification Documents including all its supporting documents that is specified in the softcopy of Pre-qualification Requirement (Section AB above), shall be submitted in a sealed envelope at the latest by 03 June 2015 at 14:00 hrs to the following address:
Secretary of the Bid Committee
DBS Bank Tower 16th Floor Ciputra World 1 JI. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5,
Jakarta 12940 ? Indonesia

Only Interested Bidders who submitted the above-required documentation in its entirely and pass the Pre-Qualification process will be invited to Bid. Bidders who have registered in the original tender, will need to register again in order to participate in this re-tender process.

Genting Oil Kasuri Pte. Ltd.
Bid Committee